Indoor golf is comprised of indoor golf simulators which simulate playing golf indoors. Holiday Golf has designed, manufactured and sold indoor golf simulators to the indoor golf market for over 24 years. The indoor golf simulator has been available since 1979. This technology was very limited until Holiday Golf developed the "digital" indoor golf simulator for the indoor golf market in 1991. There are over 10 manufacturers in the indoor golf simulator market. The Holiday Golf indoor golf simulator uses real picture technology for indoor golf course play. This technology supplies the most detailed image and color to the indoor golf simulator market. Most other indoor golf simulator manufacturers use computer generated technology which have their advantages and limitations in the indoor golf market. These indoor golf simulators are used by most other indoor golf simulators in the indoor golf simulator market.

Holiday Golf sells its indoor golf simulator products all over the world. Many countries that have limited golf courses can play golf indoors on the Holiday Golf indoor golf simulators. These indoor golf simulators have been sold in England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The Asian market has great interest in indoor golf simulators since they have very limited ground to develop outdoor golf courses. There is great interest in indoor golf in most parts of the world. To support these markets the indoor golf simulators come in many languages to support indoor golf market.

Some indoor golf markets have primarily left handed golfers so the indoor golf simulators allow left handed golfers to play indoor golf.’

Holiday Golf’s indoor golf simulators are not only instructional to the golfer but the indoor golf simulator golf games are fun to play. Hours of virtual golf simulation take the place of being outdoors when inclement weather occurs. Indoor golf simulators provide a fun indoor golf experience and the golfer gets instructional feedback from the indoor golf simulator stats. Virtual golf simulators are a fun and unique way to enhance golf play year round.